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In this financially and culturally bankrupt country there are words that haven't been said, roads that haven't been taken and stories that haven't been told.



The project was created in 2012 by the filmmaker, Yiannis Vakrinos and the architecture student, Marianna Karalioliou. The team got wider, as professionals from media and cinema started participating in this effort. The project has been published in several greek and european media, while some of the portraits were screened in festivals and public events. In 2014, the project was founded from an EU program in order to produce 4 short films about the unemployment in Greece.

Yiannis Vakrinos

Founder, Filmmaker, Director

Yiannis Vakrinos

Marianna Karalioliou

Co-Founder, Translator

Marianna Karalioliou

Anna Prokou

Film Editor

Anna Prokou

Napoleon Michilis

Web Developer


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"Let's stop for a moment and re-evaluate our lives"

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  1. Κιαλό Αμαντού, ανήλικος μετανάστης στην Αθήνα

    The first film of Portraits of Crisis, “Kialo Amadu, minor immigrant in Athens”, is recommended for educational material, about the subject of racism and diversity.  Kialo Amadu is 15 years old, he has come from Guinea and he has been in Greece for three months. He lives in an abandoned […]

  2. 39b28a12b24338c5e75f37eeb5929a3e_400x400

    Portraits of Greece in Crisis. How does it feel to live without electricity? A documentary searches and records   read the full article here (in greek) http://www.doctv.gr/page.aspx?itemID=SPG6732

  3. Athens Biennale

    The team of Portraits of Crisis attended Agora, Athens Biennale 2013, within the frame of “Narratives, And now what?”.         Tην Κυριακή 24 Nοεμβρίου, ώρα 19:00, στο χώρο του παλιού Χρηματιστηρίου Αθηνών. Σας περιμένουμε την Κυριακή 24/11, ώρα 7 το απόγευμα, στο χώρο του παλιού Χρηματιστηρίου Αθηνών, […]

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